City efficiency and approvals up - development applications speed improves

New figures show that the City of Sydney is improving the time it takes dealing with development applications.

The results of the NSW Government's Local Development Performance Monitoring 2011-12 have just been released. In the 2011-12 financial year the City dealt with 1,962 separate DAs with a total estimated value of more than $3.19 billion.

The City had the most approvals and the highest total value of approved development, nearly four times that of The Hills Shire ($869 million), the council with the second highest total value. This is a result of the Sydney CBD's continued position as the State's business centre.

We also were also able to improve the speed with which Development Applications (DAs) were assessed. We achieved the greatest reduction in mean gross determination times from 74 to 61 mean gross days, which meant less time between an applicant submitting their plans to the City and receiving a reply.

That means the City was, on average, at least one week faster than the NSW average for assessing DAs.

Our high standard of our work has also contributed to a significant drop in the number of decisions we make being appealed. Out of 1,962 applications, only 44 were appealed, a 17% drop from the last report. This means less time and money spent in the Land and Environment Court.

As NSW Government gets ready to rewrite our state's planning laws, these figures clearly show that the way we do business at the City of Sydney is delivering great results.

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