City Organ Concert Series

(12.30pm, Centennial Hall, Sydney Town Hall)

Thank you, [MC]. Hello, everyone, welcome to Town Hall and to this second in our 2015 series of concerts.

The recital you're about to hear is a very special one as it's only the second since we completed a five-year project to clean, conserve and document this historic Grand Organ.

That meant removing, hand-cleaning, and measuring the over 8,600 individual pipes and documenting the whole process, including 60 drawings, to ensure its future maintenance is carried out with integrity.

The organ was built over three years in London in the 1880s, then dismantled and shipped to Sydney, reassembled over seven months and launched with a music festival in August 1890.

Standing over 38 feet tall, it is the largest remaining organ of its era and is widely considered as one of the six most important pipe organs in the world and for Sydney and Australia, it is really a national treasure.

Today, the quality of sound you will hear is as clear as when the organ was first installed more than 120 years ago.

We're delighted the conservation work is now complete and the organ will sound as it was meant to. So please welcome today's organist, David Drury of St Paul's College at the University of Sydney, and enjoy the concert.