City's newest public art launches into the night sky

The City's newest public artwork, Earth V Sky by Allan Giddy, is the latest addition to the popular Glebe Foreshore.

Each evening, the two magnificant Moreton Bay Figs at the end of Glebe Point Road on the foreshore will be lit to respond to the changing shades of the dusk and night sky. Using nine LED lights, the trees will turn from blue to green as the sky turns from yellow to orange.

The lights are powered by a wind turbine, developed by the artist in collaboration with the University of NSW - a zero-pollution way of creating energy.

To ensure the artwork had no impact on local fauna, the Australian Museum conducted a study during the installation and testing period, it found that the turbine had no impact. The Museum will continue monitoring the turbine over the next 12 months.

The artist, the City and the local community have spent a lot of time developing and perfecting this unique piece of public art. The result is the world's first colour-sensitive public lighting control system and a beautiful addition to one of our most loved parks.

I hope you can join me for the launch at 5pm on Tuesday 24 April at Bicentennial Park.

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