We need climate action

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The time for climate talk has passed, we need climate action 


To address the climate threat, we need to act now – and we need other levels of government to get on board, or get out of the way.

The research paints a grim picture if we don’t act and we’re already seeing the effects, with record breaking heatwaves, bushfires and storms breaking across our land.

The next four years are crucial – they will determine if we meet the Paris Agreement’s commitment to a temperature rise of less than two degrees Celsius, or fail.

Our state and federal governments are hopelessly ineffectual - and actively getting in the way of the practical action we so urgently need.

At very least, we need them to remove the regulatory blockages to action: increase the BASIX targets for water and energy, make sure our national electricity market considers climate change, and adjust water pricing to encourage more recycling.

But we're not sitting on the sidelines and waiting for them to step up, we are committed to being in the thick of it, setting long term targets and taking practical action to make them happen.

Since I was elected in 2004, we have driven greenhouse emissions down 27 per cent in our own operations and city-wide by 19 per cent (on 2006 levels), at a time when the local economy has expanded by 37 per cent. We've responded with the strongest possible plan to urgently reduce emissions - fast-tracking an action plan to go carbon neutral with half of our energy from renewables by 2050.

We're using every lever available to us, in our own operations and with our communities, businesses and others - together we can do so much more, will you stand with us to achieve this change?