Climate Change Adaption Briefing

(10.30am, Lord Mayor's Reception Room)

Thank you, Mara, [Bunn] and hello, everyone. Thank you for your interest in this briefing.

Since 2004, the City has been building a reputation for leadership in environmental sustainability. Our commitment is expressed in the suite of Green Infrastructure master plans we've developed over the last few years to take us to our goal of a 70 per cent reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2030.

They will help us increase our use of renewable energy, make us more energy-efficient, and decentralise our water and waste systems.

As a result of our initiatives, Sydney was invited to join the Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Resilient Cities network, sharing our knowledge with partner cities, and learning from their experiences.

The smart cities are those which recognise that climate change adaptation means being prepared for the inevitable changes by taking action now to reduce their impacts. It also means taking advantage of the opportunities that a changing climate provides.

We've incorporated climate adaptation measures in all our major environmental strategies and the draft Climate Adaptation Strategy highlights our achievement while also expanding our capacity to adapt in a fast-changing future.

It's important that we share this information with you, and with the community at large, because the impacts of climate change are inescapable - and very democratic. They will affect everyone.

This draft strategy has been developed in consultation with stakeholders from business, government and the community. Its aim is to equip us to protect Sydney's people, its assets and its services.

By 2030 and beyond, we are aiming for the City of Sydney to be resilient to the changing climate. Working with our community, with business, and the other levels of government, we will have built our capacity to adapt, to respond, and to thrive in the face of change.

So thank you again for your interest in this briefing. I hope you'll continue to work with us to achieve that goal.