Climate Institute Exhibition

Visualising the devastating effects of climate change can be challenging, but a new exhibition at Customs House is full of stunning reminders of the challenge we face.

The Story of Our Planet Unfolds shows the impressive work of Australian photographer Michael Hall. Michael is currently a Creative Fellow with The Climate Institute, whose CEO John Conner described the exhibition as 'putting a human face to the risks and opportunities of climate change'.

Michael Hall's work shows how our increasing energy consumption and carbon pollution are already straining the natural environment. It is a vivid reminder that our actions are changing the world our children and grandchildren will inherit.

The exhibit features 50 images drawn from seven years of work, including the two years the project has been supported by The Climate Institute's Creative Fellowship.

Climate change is caused by us all, and it's affecting us all, whether in the form of devastating bushfires in Tasmania, or Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, in the gradual destruction of the Great Barrier Reef or the fearsome pollution that makes the air in some Chinese cities unbreathable.

The only responsible option for political leaders is to take meaningful action. Addressing climate change is a key component of our Sydney 2030 vision and we are proud to be showcasing this project at Customs House.

I was proud to officially open the exhibition this week. There are photos across three levels of the library, and I urge you to visit Customs House over the next month to see the work in person.

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(Image top care of Michael Hall)

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