Clover Moore to stand for re-election as Sydney Lord Mayor

More than ever our city needs the continuity of strong independent community leadership. Today I announce that I will stand for re-election as Sydney’s Lord Mayor. 

20th June 2016


I am deeply concerned about what will happen to the City of Sydney if the old parties gain control.

In the last few months we’ve seen the shocking loss of magnificent old trees, secret plans to grossly over-develop key areas of our city, the rampant sell-off of vital public housing, outrageous benefits given to a casino developer at the expense of public land and approval of WestConnex – their expensive toll motorway that will massively increase congestion across our city area.

They see our city like an open cut mine – and are waiting to strip mine its assets for sale to the highest bidder. I want to protect the City from their regressive policies and their greedy mates.

The City of Sydney is powering like never before – I will continue our leading action on climate change, our investment in creative industries, our work to increase affordable housing, design excellence and sustainable urban development, our massive investment in infrastructure and strong commitment to sustainable transport. I will continue to serve all our diverse communities.

My record is strong. Unlike the old parties, I look beyond election cycles and back up policies with real action. The City Council I’ve led over the past 12 years, consults, does the research, makes clear commitments and then takes action.

When I first ran for Council, the local playgrounds our children played in were asphalt, with heavy rusty equipment and cyclone wire fencing topped with barbed wire. Heavy, dangerous, polluting traffic ran down every street. Our community tried to get action but no one at Council cared.

A lot has changed and I’m so proud of the City we’ve created: wonderful parks and playgrounds, villages connected by pedestrian links and bike lanes, a thriving business centre, leading action on climate change, small bars and a diverse cultural scene.

This election is incredibly important. The policies and projects our Independent Team has worked so hard to deliver on behalf of the city community may seem secure, but they’ve never been more at risk.

That’s why I’m seeking another term as Lord Mayor – to keep Sydney independent, progressive and community led.

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