Clover's eNews - No 591

This week when answering a question about The Star in Parliament, Barry O'Farrell said: "When we put our minds to it we have shown we can smash people."

Earlier that day the Premier pushed through what the community is calling the 'Get Clover Moore Bill' or as I call it the 'Get Sydney Bill'.

Despite the massive swing to the Coalition at the State election in 2011, the Sydney Electorate again voted for me to be their representative in Parliament. The 'Members of Parliament' Bill is an attempt to secure an outcome that the Liberal Party could not achieve democratically.

The most important thing in a democracy is to let the will of the voters prevail but this Bill removes a democratic right that New South Wales voters have had since 1856.

(Image: at Rolling with Clover in front of Town Hall on Sunday)

In Parliament, those who spoke against the Bill were numerous, passionate, convincing and loudly supported by community members in the gallery. Arguments from the Coalition were weak and personal.

I invite you to read the transcript of the debate at:

Arguments that this Bill is just about bringing NSW into line with other states are weak. Will the Government now follow the lead of other states by abolishing our upper house, introducing container deposit legislation, offering public transport concessions to international students and increasing public dental care funding?

The truth is this Bill was pushed through Parliament because conservative forces want control of Sydney. They want to stop the work we are doing.

Sydney's status as a leading, sustainable, global city as well as our values and progressive policies are all at real risk. Let's be clear - the NSW Liberal government does not believe in tackling climate change, they don't believe in marriage equality, they don't believe in safe bike infrastructure and they don't believe in protecting open space.

Let's not allow them to take Sydney back to the dark ages.

Last Sunday I attended the Rolling with Clover rally. It was terrific to see hundreds of ordinary people on their bikes at Town Hall. Lots of families and kids, lots of regular riders who all believe that safe cycling infrastructure is essential.

This week I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support on Twitter & Facebook, in letters, emails, phone calls and from people on the street. Thank you.

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