Clover's eNews - No 592

This Easter holiday has given me an opportunity for time out with family and friends and a chance to think about the current political climate and what it means for the future.

Since I began my work in politics, being an independent voice has allowed me to act on the issues the big parties want to ignore.

Tackling climate change, sustainable transport options, protecting the unique heritage of our city, a responsible late night economy, providing public open space, equal rights and animal welfare - all issues that you, and others in our community, say you want addressed.

Please go to my Facebook page and and let me know what you see as priorities in your local area, and across the city.

(Picture: meeting with residents at the Macleay Street & Woolloomooloo 2030 In Your Village workshop)

The big parties aren't interested because they are still held captive by vested interests and polling - only truly independent politicians look beyond the headlines and the lobby groups to pursue policies that address the issues the community wants championed.

Over the past month I've been hosting community meetings around our city's villages. The City will take your ideas and develop them into plans that we can put into action over the next few years.

I want to hear from you about your priorities over the next few years. What do you see as priorities in your local area, and across the City? Please go to my Facebook page -

I hope you have had a great Easter break, I look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions.

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