Clover's eNews - No 601

Today I fired the starter's gun at the Cancer Council's 2012 City Mile Dash where corporate teams and office workers complete a one mile run in the city centre (see picture).

This is an important event to raise money and awareness about testicular and ovarian cancer. Nearly half of all Australians will be diagnosed with some form of cancer and shockingly, on any given day, 100 people in NSW will hear the words 'you have cancer'.

A healthy lifestyle can help prevent cancer. Walking my dogs is a great motivation to exercise during winter. I also love swimming in our terrific city pools - though the cold weather and the rain don't make it easy.

It's great to see so many city workers utilising our parks and facilities during their lunch hour. People are living increasingly busy lives and need beautiful parks and state of the art facilities in their downtime.

In Parliament this week I was disappointed the Government blocked my strata Bill developed over three years to protect people who live in apartments. Their work to overhaul strata laws has only just commenced with a review and will take years while my Bill would have given them the opportunity to fix key issues now.

The Government also pushed through the City of Sydney Traffic and Transport Committee. This committee is another level of bureaucracy that may slow CBD transport projects but I did not oppose it as I believe it's vital the City works in partnership with the State to get things done.

It was good new this week that the Federal Government is contributing $5 million as part of their Community Energy Efficiency program for the installation of trigeneration at Town Hall House and Prince Alfred Park Pool. It comes on top of the $3.75 million the City received from them for trigeneration in Green Square in April.

Both grants are an endorsement of our plans to build Australia's first large-scale trigeneration energy network in Sydney.

Our trigeneration network will drastically improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon pollution. Households and businesses connected to the network will get a cleaner and cost-competitive alternative to the rising cost of coal-fired electricity.

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