Clover's eNews - No 613

Tomorrow people across NSW will vote to elect their local governments. We are blessed to live in a democratic country and voting is a right that I encourage all of you to exercise.

Local Councillors are the champions of our communities and it's crucial that you get involved and vote for the kind of people you want representing your interests.

Tomorrow you have a very clear choice - continue with stable, progressive city government or go back in time with politicians who will bring vested interests and party politics to Town Hall.

I'm so proud of my Team's strong record of achievement - we've seen nearly all the playgrounds in the city upgraded and popular new ones established. We've built major community infrastructure such as Surry Hills Library, the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre and Paddington Reservoir Gardens and we've seen them win international and national acclaim.

We've upgraded one of the country's most important heritage items - the Sydney Town Hall, we've encouraged a start up tech culture and changed Sydney's nightlife for good with the introduction of small bars and food trucks. And we've done all this with balanced budgets, no debt, the second lowest rates in the Sydney metro area, free rates for pensioners and a costed 10 year program of future works.
There is still much to do - 6 new childcare centres, a new town centre for Green Square and public domain work that prioritises pedestrians when light rail is introduced down George Street - these are just some of the projects my Team will deliver if re-elected.
We are shaping the City with the community in mind first and that's why it's critical that Sydney stays Independent and free of vested interests and party politics.
(Photo: Clover Moore Independent Team candidate Alex Greenwich [right] and Peter Urmson, Chair of Sydney Mardi Gras [left])
The Clover Moore Independent Team is a dedicated group of people who will work hard to make your city a wonderful place to live and work. If you haven't had a chance to meet the Team in person, please take a minute to find out more about them.

We still urgently need volunteers to join us at polling places across the City of Sydney.

Each of the 39 polling places needs at least 8 volunteers, which means we need hundreds of people to spend some of their time helping the campaign. It's not too late - if you can join us on Saturday, please email

If you know someone who is still making up their mind about tomorrow's election - please share our great new videos with them. These are stories from real people living in our community who want Sydney to remain a progressive, safe and inspiring place to live and work.

Please keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter and please invite your neighbours, friends and family to subscribe to eNews.

I hope you have a great weekend, and don't forget to vote!



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