Clover's eNews - No. 618, Friday 12 October

Our community is full of remarkable stories of people rolling up their sleeves to help make Sydney a better place to live, work and visit.

On Wednesday night I was proud to host the City of Sydney's annual Business Awards. Hundreds of business owners showed that entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and dedication can lead to great success. I congratulate all finalists and Awards winners across 22 categories on their success and thank them for the contribution they make to our city.

Yesterday I visited the studios of 2RPH, a community radio station based in Glebe which reads print news to people with vision impairment. Run by a small number of staff and a large team of volunteers, 2RPH embodies the spirit of helping others that makes our community great.

I also met with Woolloomooloo public housing tenants. The City recently conducted a Community Safety Audit in Woolloomooloo that saw residents, local police, Housing NSW and other NGOs walking the streets together to look at issues like lighting, signage, trees, parking, graffiti and general maintenance.

A small working group will soon be formed to work on the findings from this audit. It's encouraging to see residents and service providers working together to make a difference to their community.

This week Sydney won the rights to host the 2014 Bingham Cup - the world championship of gay and inclusive rugby. This event, which has been hosted by London, Berlin and San Francisco, will bring thousands of visitors to our city and showcase our diverse and tolerant culture. My thanks and congratulations go to the organisers of Sydney's bid, the Sydney Convicts Rugby Club.

One of my greatest honours as Lord Mayor of Sydney is swearing in new Australian citizens. Today I was joined by 308 people from 55 different countries who became Australians. They come from nations as far apart as Hungary, Zimbabwe, Japan and Mexico - but they are all drawn to our city for the same reasons we love living here.

We have created a tolerant, inclusive and exciting city that is the envy of people around the world. I hope our newest Australians, and those of us who have been here a little longer, will continue to work together to make it an even better place.

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