Community reaction to the Shooters Bill

Here's what just some people are saying about the Shooters Bill:

Respected election analyst Antony Green

"Legislation inspired by malice, not public policy. Whoever's putting this up is trying to rort the result."

The Better Planning Network (an affiliation of more than 460 community groups in NSW)

"One wonders when this NSW Government will understand that the community is repulsed by any decision that would allow business interests to have a disproportionate vote in who plans for the local area."

Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber

"I haven't heard a cogent reason for why two" (votes for business)

Presidentof Local GovernmentNSW(LGNSW), Keith Rhodes

"While theword 'democracy' has been bandied around in support of making business voting compulsory at Local Government elections, it appears a key component of democracy- transparency - ismissing in thispolitically-motivatedmove by those partiesinvolved."

Rohan Leppert, City of Melbourne Councillor

"A majority of the 11 Melbourne city councillors live outside the city of Melbourne. This has led to a council far too detached from its local communities. With the vast majority of the City of Melbourne electoral roll made up of non-residents, this electoral system defeats the purpose of local government."

The Sydney Morning Herald (editorial)

"There is no reasonable justification. It's like a gerrymander. If you accept the logic, you could argue that every business in every town or council area should get twice the vote of the local schoolteacher or bricklayer. But why not three or four times, based on how many jobs they create or the rateable value of their land? The more money, the more votes."

The Saturday Paper, Mike Seccombe

"Devilishly complicated and ill thought out."

The few supporters of this proposal are using incorrect information and misleading claims to justify their case.

We need your help on Saturday 6 September to send a strong message to the NSW Government that local government is not for sale!

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