Community Sidelined on Barangaroo - Again

The State Government has taken control parts Hickson Rd, Sussex Street and Napoleon Street in Millers Point - removing community oversight of the clean-up of contamination, putting quality urban design at risk and jeopardising vital pedestrian links to Barangaroo. This unnecessary move to control City-owned land ignores the City's strong track record of high quality urban design and development approvals. The decision further limits community involvement in planning for Barangaroo, taking a major City responsibility out of our hands without a justifiable reason. I remain concerned about the serious risk of contaminants leaking into the harbour during excavation, and about protecting the local community from airborne vapours and dust during the remediation works, and am concerned the Government has ignored the City's concerns about their trial of an on-site decontamination procedure. Pedestrian links are vitally important for the success of the Barangaroo development, and it is important that the bridge and pedestrian footways proposed meet the high standards set by the City for urban design and pedestrian amenity. The continuing sidelining of the City and community demonstrates the Government's determination to fast-track the project. This latest action further excludes Council, ignores the expert advice of City staff and reduces the requirements for meaningful community consultation.

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