Companion Animal Welfare Inquiry - Notice of Motion

(Parliament House)


That this House:

(1) Appoints a select committee to inquire on companion animal welfare with the view to improving their welfare.

(2) That the committee consider the following:

(a) The number and cause of companion animals arriving in NSW shelters and pounds each year and their outcome, such as whether they get re-homed, re-united or euthanized;

(b) Breeding of companion animals;

(c) The practices associated with the sale of companion animals including from pet shops, markets, pounds, shelters, on-line, classifieds, or to the overseas market;

(d) Mandatory desexing including prior to sale;

(e) The effectiveness and enforcement of Department of Primary Industries' companion animal policies, standards and guidelines;

(f) The effectiveness of the Companion Animals Act and its application by local government;

(g) The effectiveness of micro-chipping;

(h) Treatment of companion animals travelling by airplane;

(i) The impact of pet bans in accommodation including apartments, strata, retirement villages, and rental properties;

(j) The impact of pet bans on public transport;

(k) The existence and effectiveness of education programs on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of desexing;

(l) Data collection by government and non-government agencies to inform and monitor companion animal welfare; and,

(m) Any other matter relevant to improving companion animal welfare.

(3) That the Committee consist of six members as follows:

(a) Ms Clover Moore, who shall be Chair of the committee;

(b) Three shall be from the Government; and,

(c) Two non-government members.

(4) That the members be nominated in writing to the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly by the relevant party leaders within seven calendar days of the passing of this resolution.

(5) That at any meeting of the committee four members shall constitute a quorum.