Cool It! Share It! New bike installation opens in Prince Alfred Park

Join me in Prince Alfred Park on Saturday to launch the fun installation - Cool It, Share It! - to help everyone share our streets with safety and courtesy.

A West Side Story-inspired tune will remind bike riders and pedestrians to "cool it", "bell it", "share it" and "slow it" as they ride or walk over a colourful keyboard laid out on the shared path.

Cool It! Share It! will be unveiled in Prince Alfred Park

The City is serious about spreading the message of road safety and respect. The number of bike riders in Sydney is growing and we want cyclists to slow down and ring their bells and pedestrians to watch out for bicycles.

This playful and educational tool is part of our StreetShare programto educate motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Separated cycleways and shared paths provide safe and practical links and are helping to reduce congestion. They're new to Sydney and we need to make sure people understand how to behave on them in a safe and respectful way.

The City is asking people on cycleways and shared paths to:

  • Cool It: A smile and a little courtesy goes a long way;
  • Bell It: Ring early to alert pedestrians of your presence;
  • Share It: Bike riders should always give way to pedestrians and pedestrians should not block the path; and
  • Slow It: Enjoy the journey and look out for children and pets.

Cool It, Share It! will be trialled in Prince Alfred Park for eight weeks before being considered in other areas around the City. Join me in the park, near Chalmers St, from 11.30am on Saturday for ice cream, a BBQ and coffee. There'll be bikes to ride and a bike mechanic and loads of fun.


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