Council adopts plan for City's future

This week Council adopted a new planning blueprint for Sydney which will cut red tape, provide for future growth and protect existing villages and local heritage values.

I was concerned by misinformation given to members of the public at Monday night's Council meeting and want to stress that the City's new planning controls ensure we value and protect our unique, historic villages while accommodating growth in sites suitable for urban renewal.

The new City Plan distils some 60 existing planning documents, following boundary changes and amalgamations, into a single, user-friendly and consistent document for residents, business and developers.

It's the result of five years of consultation involving more than 40 studies, reviews and projects, over 100 meetings, workshops and presentations to the community and businesses. City planners considered 1,012 submissions received during the 60 day public exhibition in 2011.

The City Plan controls guide future development throughout the City of Sydney Local Government Area, covering issues such as zoning, building height, density, parking, design and heritage.

The Plan balances targets for homes and jobs set by the State Government with our vision for a more sustainable and liveable city. Key results of the draft City Plan include:

  • contributes to the City's targets within the State Government's Metropolitan Plan of 61,000 new homes and 114,000 new jobs by 2036
  • maintains our existing Heritage Conservation Areas and the 2,151 items on our heritage list.
  • adds a further 55 new items to our heritage list
  • requires design competitions for major new developments
  • provides incentives to activate inner city laneways with niche retail outlets
  • encourages new commercial buildings to include showers, change rooms and bicycle parking for employees who walk or cycle to work by providing complying property owners with an additional 5 per cent floor space, and
  • streamlines definitions for businesses applying for outdoor dining licences on footpaths.

Council voted to defer planning controls in the Ashmore Precinct, Lachlan Precinct and for properties in Gardeners Road, Rosebery in response to public concern and to allow for more review and consultation.

The City Plan was also endorsed by the Central Sydney Planning Committee (CSPC) and will now go to the NSW Minister for Planning for final consideration.


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