This week our Illegal Accommodation Strike Force secured the conviction of the landlord responsible for operating an illegal hostel disguised by a Chippendale shop.

Mr Amr Hassan was convicted and fined $100,000 plus legal costs of $61,426 for converting part of the ‘Banana Supermarket’ in Regent Street, Chippendale.

The court outcome demonstrates how seriously we treat illegal accommodation, which risks the safety of our most vulnerable young residents.

For the past year, we've ramped up efforts to shut down illegal accommodation providers, with more investigations and close cooperation with NSW Police, as well as education campaigns targeting universities and tertiary institutions to advise students about safe rental choices.

Our investigation team includes former Scotland Yard detective, Roy Cottam, former NSWPF officer Liam Saville and former Australian Military Police officer Greg Stevens to help target illegal accommodation providers such as Mr Hassan. The team takes a multi-agency approach with NSW Police Force, Fire and Rescue NSW, NSW Fair Trading, the Australian Tax Office and other relevant agencies

Illegal, dangerous accommodation networks will not be tolerated in the city, and the people who profit from them will be prosecuted. Read more here.

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