Creating a New Skate Park in Glebe

This weekend the City is running a Crescent Skate Space information session to continue working with the community on a skate park in Glebe.

We're presenting the draft concept design as part of the second stage of the Johnstons Creek Master Plan. The plan was adopted two years ago to provide a consistent framework for open space in Harold Park and this area.

Our plans for this area will add another piece to the Glebe foreshore parklands and open up more of Sydney's foreshore to public use.

Our skate park in Waterloo.

Our skate park in Waterloo.

The plan is to remove the remaining buildings on The Crescent, north of the pet store and carpet warehouse. This will allow us to open up the closed viaduct archways and to create new green space along The Crescent, connecting to Federal Park.

The skate park is planned to be at the far northern end, away from the residential areas and opposite the TAFE.

The old playground will be refurbished and we are thinking of expanding it to provide play equipment for slightly older children.

We'll have new plantings and street trees along The Crescent to frame the skate park and the new area will provide for active as well as passive recreation, though without formal sports grounds.

We're also be dealing with the existing drainage problem, creating a gentle grading to direct water flow to the canal, giving better drainage at Federal Park.

Just to the south of our project is a new child-care centre, located on a site where there always has been a building. There is now an urgent need for more child care places in the City.

The finished project will provide for a range of needs for the very diverse existing and new community coming in to Harold Park.

You can help design a new skate space by taking the design survey here:

Pictured: The Crescent Skate Workshop held last month.

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