Critical Election, Saturday 26 March

Tomorrow's election is critical for the future of our city, our state and our environment.

New South Wales is lagging on action to address global warming; there is a growing backlog of vital infrastructure, particularly on transport; many people still fight for fairness and equal rights; land use planning and priorities are not set; and animal welfare is not on the political radar.

I am seeking re-election because I want Sydney to be an environmentally sustainable, safe, healthy, tolerant, exciting and desirable place to live, work and visit. I challenge the two party game-playing and apathy, and I lead for our future.

If I am re-elected, I will continue to work to achieve these goals through advocacy in State Parliament and action at Town Hall.

I will keep working for:

  • a legislated greenhouse gas reduction target and a transfer of power supply from dirty coal to locally generated and renewable sources;
  • fast, reliable, efficient and integrated public transport that includes light rail, buses, heavy rail, and safe walking and cycling infrastructure, coordinated by one authority under one Minister;
  • abolition of Part 3A with planning and development assessments that involve the community;
  • an end to the SCG's threat to take over our parklands for car parking and private uses;
  • action to address alcohol fuelled violence including a permit licensing system where late trading is only renewed for premises with a proven record of good management;
  • the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised in our community—I will continue to advocate for progressive, practical and compassionate solutions which help homeless people into homes; provide treatment and rehabilitation for people with a mental illness; help manage alcohol and drug dependence and provide support for young people at risk;
  • protection of our food basin from urban sprawl and mining;
  • removal of remaining inequalities against GLBT people, including introducing legislation for same-sex marriage, if this is constitutionally possible;
  • strata reform to protect owners and occupiers of apartments;
  • strengthening Sydney's cultural vitality, with increased opportunities for new, young and emerging artists, performers and other creative people;
  • an affordable housing target to ensure essential workers can live in the inner city; and
  • an end to factory farming of animals, a ban on the sale of pets in pet shops, and rights for pet owners who rent, live in apartments and catch public transport.

During the last Parliament our achievements and my work with the community has helped achieve a small bars renaissance, enable same sex couples to adopt their children, and prevented Moore Park from being handed to the SCG.

Previous achievements include saving the Finger Wharf from demolition, preventing the sell-off of the showgrounds, making it illegal to incite sexuality-based hate and violence, and protecting vast regions of the South East Forests.

As your MP I have stood up for our environment, the public estate, open processes and accountability, and community rights to be involved. I have led debate on city issues. On occasions, I have been the only speaker on your behalf in Parliament.

With most commentators predicting a landslide result for the Coalition, where new Government MPs will struggle to be heard and the few remaining Opposition MPs are likely to be bitter and demoralised, it is vital that Sydney has an MP who will press for the new Government to be fully accountable, and will advocate fearlessly for all our communities.

I ask for your support tomorrow so I may continue this work for our city, our state and our planet.


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