Critical moment for Sydney's transport

We all agree that urgent action is needed to fix Sydney's transport. But there are competing ideas about the best way forward.

The NSW Government has to decide between the plan laid out by Infrastructure NSW and the vision offered by the City of Sydney.

We expect a decision very shortly so it's critical that the Government knows what kind of city centre you want.


Infrastructure NSW (iNSW) has unveiled a plan to dig a tunnel between Circular Quay and Central Station to bury buses and thousands of commuters. This is their solution to traffic and congestion. The tunnel would have only 2 stops and require exhaust stacks to pump in fresh air and pump out pollution.

This plan doesn't reduce the number of buses pouring into the city and it disadvantages businesses along George Street by forcing customers underground.

The City of Sydney has a plan to transform George Street with light rail and to provide more space for pedestrians and continued access for delivery vehicles. Light rail would run every two minutes and mean a trip from north to south would take as little as 15 mins.

Light rail will reduce the number of buses needed in the city centre and help activate the street with outdoor dining, public open spaces and retail.

This plan has the support of Transport for NSW. Businesses and the community but the NSW Government is still making up its mind on which plan to push ahead with.

If you want to see George Street and our city centre freed from crippling congestion and turned into a destination that works for locals, visitors and businesses - please ask Premier Barry O'Farrell, Treasurer Mike Baird and Transport Minister Gladys Berijikilian to support light rail.


The Hon. Barry O'Farrell MP, Premier of NSW

The Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP, Minister for Transport

The Hon. Mike Baird MP Treasurer,


@barryofarrell @GBerejiklianmp @mikebairdMP using #fixsydtransport


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