Crown, Cleveland, Baptist Streets Community Meeting

(3pm 6 December 2011, Café Sicilia 628 Crown Street)

Hello, everyone, welcome to our meeting. I'd like firstly to acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, traditional custodians of our land, and to pay my respects to their Elders. I also acknowledge the 200 nationalities who make up our City.

Today, we'll outline for you our proposals to beautify Crown, Cleveland and Baptist Streets, to make them safer and more appealing for pedestrians and to provide a better environment for local businesses.

When we consulted you during the development of our Inner East Local Action Plan, you told us the southern end of Crown Street needed improvement, and the message was reinforced during meetings held earlier this year with local business owners.

Crown Street is emerging as a favourite Sydney shopping and dining destination, and the energy is spilling over into surrounding streets. The planned improvements will cater for patrons - most of whom walk to their destination - and help build a distinctive character for the area. They will also provide greater opportunities for outdoor dining.

The first stage of works will include footpath upgrades in Crown Street, new trees and garden beds for Cleveland Street, and gardens, trees and vine plantings in Baptist Street.

I think you'll notice a real transformation in Cleveland Street, with hedge plantings from the intersection outside the mall to Chalmers Street.

The second stage focuses on the Crown Street-Cleveland Street intersection, while Stage 3 will minimise the visual clutter of overhead wires with a combination of aerial bundling and undergrounding.

In the final stage, there will be a lighting upgrade to Matterson Lane to make it safer and provide for outdoor dining, and a lighting upgrade to Cleveland Avenue.

The works have been organised into to four main stages to minimise disruption to local businesses. There will be no loss of parking, and no loss of trees or greenery. And once more detailed designs for the later stages are ready,

we'll be bringing them back to you for your feedback.

Now I'll hand you over to Adam Fowler, who'll give you a more comprehensive overview of the proposals, and of course, there'll be an opportunity for you to ask any questions.

Thank you again for your interest in coming here today. I'll now ask Adam to address you.