CSPC moves Harold Park ahead

Another one million people will be living in greater Sydney by 2026. Under the State Government's Metro Plan, City of Sydney will have to accommodate 61,000 new homes and 114,000 new jobs by 2036.

Pushing this growth to Sydney's fringe is not the answer. That option eats away at valuable farm land, forces people to travel long distance for work and other essentials, and would cost an extra $5 billion.

We're planning for this growth responsibly and sustainably by allowing development in our renewal sites and thereby protecting our heritage villages.

The City has been working with the local community since 2009 to develop appropriate planning controls for Harold Park, which Council adopted in February 2011.

On Thursday night the Central Sydney Planning Committee decided unanimously to support proposed first stage of work at Harold Park.

We fought to retain control of the planning decisions on Harold Park, rather than lose them to the old Part 3A planning regime which saw Planning Ministers change building heights and density with the stroke of a pen.

15 City staff members have worked for over 11 months to ensure these plans give the local community the best possible result.

This site will be transformed from privately owned land used by the Harness Racing Club with a grandstand, flood lighting and cars coming in and out, to a well considered, environmentally sound development on an indentified urban renewal site.

Harold Park is well served by transport and the redevelopment will see more than a third of the site handed over for a new public park and also provide community facilities, affordable housing, improved connections for walking and bike riding and much needed new housing with higher sustainability targets.