Riding a bike can be a safe and convenient and transport option. It reduces our impact on the environment, and improves our community's health.

By creating a network of cycleways we're encouraging more people to ride - whether you're riding to work, visiting one of our parks of libraries, heading across town, or riding to school.

The City of Sydney is building a 200km network - of which about 55km will be separated cycleways - and is now concentrating on building or upgrading 10 priority regional routes.

The number of people riding in Sydney has grown by 113 per cent since we began regular, independents counts in 2010.

After years of advocacy and research from the City of Sydney, the NSW Government is now supporting our goals of increasing the number of people choosing to ride. Their Sydney City Centre Access Strategy and Sydney's Cycling Future plan detail how they NSW Government will work to increase cycling.

To help new riding gain confidence, the City of Sydney offers free courses in bike riding skills and bike maintenance. We also have children's learn-to-ride courses.

As well as a growing network of separated cycleways, the City has a large number of shared paths for pedestrians and bike riders.

Our roads and paths are there to be shared. Whether you're on foot, on two wheels, or on four, please be safe and courteous. We should all look out for one another.

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