Danks Street 10th Birthday

(7.30pm 5 November 2011, 2 Danks Street)

Thank you, Christopher Hodges, and hello, everyone. I'd like firstly to acknowledge the traditional custodians of our land, and to pay my respects to the Elders, both past and present.

It's great to be here tonight to help you celebrate Danks Street's 10th birthday and to see all of you who made it possible.

It's involved the hard work and creativity of a lot of people - the gallery owners like Chris and Brenda and the others; Jared and his team; the retailers and other businesses that have followed.

But I have to single out Leo Christie, who had the foresight to see what this run-down and forgotten piece of our City could be. He's the sort of visionary developer I wish we had more - many more! - of. Someone who can not only see the potential, but who understands the incremental way great places come into being.

The ripple-effect of his development of Number 2 Danks Street has transformed this part of our City and brought liveliness and creativity, and a surge of new residents. It has revived a whole neighbourhood and provided a meeting place for people from across Sydney.

With its terrific mix of places and events, it has drawn a great cross-section of Sydneysiders and made art accessible to a whole lot of people who might otherwise not thought to darken a gallery door.

That's no mean achievement and after 10 years, it looks as though it has always been here.

I'm delighted to share the celebration with you, and to be asked to propose a toast: To Number 2 Danks Street and to all who make it the fabulous place it is. Here's to the next decade!