We pursue design excellence for all development - which is significant, considering the City of Sydney’s unprecedented development boom is expected to continue over the next decade. Based on current trends, $30 to $40 billion will be invested in city development over that time.

In 2015, the City approved $5.1 billion of development, and over the past decade approved around $24 billion of development. We’ve consistently been in the top 10 fastest for development application assessment times, while processing the highest value and some of the highest numbers of complex applications.

Balancing development with community facilities

The City has more than 400 infrastructure projects planned for the next 10 years to meet the needs of new residents, while generating tens of millions of dollars in new jobs and business. We use infrastructure value sharing and development contribution plans to ensure developers contribute to open space, public domain and community services.

Development worth $8 billion is underway at Green Square, including City funding of $800 million for a new town centre, library, plaza, aquatic centre, sports field and other community facilities, which is expected to house 61,000 residents and provide 20,000 local jobs.

The City of Sydney is one of the few local government areas in NSW to meet the housing and jobs targets it has been set by the NSW Government. In the five years to 2012, the number of private dwellings grew 9.2 per cent from just under 90,000 to 98,000.

Excellent design 

Our design excellence is recognised internationally and critical to Sydney’s competitiveness and liveability. That’s because our Design Advisory Panel of independent experts provides advice on major applications and our own public projects, and our development controls mandate solar access, cross ventilation and natural ventilation, windows to rooms, private open space and storage space.

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