Disability inclusion plan

We are committed to an inclusive and accessible city for everyone, now and in the future – that commitment is embodied in “A City for All” our draft Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan.

We have just put the plan on public exhibition, and I encourage you to read it and provide feedback here. Councillor Kerryn Phelps represents me on the Inclusion Advisory Panel, below is her speech to Council about the plan.


It has been an honour to represent Council on the Inclusion (Disability) Advisory Panel.


In Australia, approximately 18.5 per cent of the population, almost one in five people, identify as having a disability.


Local Government have a social responsibility to ensure everyone has the ability to be active in their community and make meaningful connections with others.


This draft plan is both a long-term vision and a list of decisive actions designed to actively address barriers faced by people with disability. It details real and practical steps to embed inclusion across the fabric of city life.


I would like to acknowledge the hard work and expertise of the panel members:


Michael Bartels, Dr Jane Bringolf, Young-Joo Byun, Phillipa Carnemolla, Morwenna Collett, Judy Harwood, Naomi Malone, Julie Millard, Paul Nunnari, Mark Relf Susan Thompson, Mark Tonga


The Inclusion (Disability) Advisory Panel have provided invaluable advice to the City and councillors, and have been instrumental in the development and implementation of the City’s Inclusion (Disability) Action Plans. Key achievements include:


  • Advice on the provision of an inclusive play equipment at Piramma Park Pyrmont – following requests from the community for a liberty swing, the inclusion panel advised instead an inclusive spinner would be preferable, as it would allow children with disability and children without disability to play together in an inclusive way, as opposed to the liberty swing which only allow a child with a wheelchair to use it alone.
  • Advice of the design of Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre – through a series of consultations throughout the design process, the Panel in collaboration with City staff and architects were able to provide quality advice on the design of the park and aquatic centre. This collaborative design process was featured as a case study at the 2016 Universal design conference.
  • Advice on inclusive festivals and events: The panel have advised major festivals and events including Sydney New Year’s Eve, Sydney Festival, Sydney Writers Festival, Sydney Film Festival and others about the importance of planning for access and inclusion at events – thinking about all aspects of an event such as buying tickets, web information as well access opportunities for the event itself.
  • Advice on Accessibility Map/Inclusive Sports and recreation directory –The Panels advice has shaped online information initiatives - the first the City’s on-line access map, which describes access features and barriers in the city and enables people with disability to plan their journey with confidence; and the inclusive sports and recreation directory, which details local sports and rec opportunities, where people with disability are not only welcome, but also includes detailed information on now to access the facility.


I would like to commend City staff, most notably Anna Rigg and Christine McBride, on the draft Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017 -2021 and applaud The City of Sydney’s commitment to being an inclusive and accessible city for people with a disability, now and in the future. The City seeks to meet and exceed its legislative obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and, with the help of members on our Inclusion (Disability) Advisory Panel, has become a leader in relation to these issues.




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