Discovering local treasurers with The Little Book of Sydney Villages

Sydney is a city of villages offering a rich variety of tastes, cultures and experiences. Each community offers something unique, with iconic destinations and a distinctive style, from the historic to the hip.

Like all great world capitals, Sydney is a collection of villages, each with its own unique atmosphere and local characteristics - whether it's the design culture of Surry Hills, Newtown's indie scene or Paddington's elegant style. The best way to discover the array of possibilities in these villages is to explore them for yourself.

And to help with that, we've create the Little Book of Villages. Its collection of classic Sydney experiences will immerse you in village life, wherever you are in this wonderful, multifaceted city.

You can see the Book here:


With folks from Koskela, Archie Rose Distilling Co., Kitchen by Mike and Peter FitzSimons at the Book's launch.

There are over 250 businesses featured in the book, which is of course just a representative sample. Indeed there are about 23,000 businesses operating in our local government area and so it was impossible to include them all. They cross more than a dozen precincts and include a range of "must-do" experiences which highlight the local vibe of each area.

It has been beautifully crafted and is a fitting replacement of the very popular Slices of Sydney guide which we launched back in 2010.

The growth in small businesses - and their ever-growing variety - prompted this new guide. It will be a great benefit for visitors but will also help locals re-discover their own neighbourhood - and to range into new and undiscovered areas.

We'll distribute 100,000 copies over the next 12 months to all the leading hotels, to visitor information centres and tourist outlets. Another 20,000 copies will be printed in Chinese and be available through our visitor kiosks. It's just one of the many things we're doing to support our local business community and you can click here to find out more:

I hope this guide helps you find something amazing and unexpected.

Click here to access the guide online or get your own copy.

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