Dispose of Your Unwanted Household Chemicals

The City's free Household Chemical CleanOut collection this Saturday allows City residents to safely dispose of unwanted, out-of-date or disused household chemicals.
While many common household chemicals can become toxic waste that can be hazardous to both your home and your health if not disposed of correctly, they also include materials which can be recycled or reused. By disposing of your household chemicals correctly and safely, you can reduce the risk of chemicals such as DDT and toxic elements such as mercury, cadmium and lead, from ending up in landfill.

Only household quantities of chemicals will be accepted (20kg or 20L max container size) and may include cleaning products and solvents; paints and thinners; pesticides and herbicides; poisons; aerosol; pool chemicals; motor oils, fuels and fluids; acids and alkalis; batteries; gas bottles; fluorescent lamps; and light globes.
The City's Chemical CleanOut, is part of a state-wide partnership between NSW Councils and the Department of the Environment, Climate Change..


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