DIY Rainbow Pop-Up Gallery

(6pm, Thursday 10 April 2014, 118 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst)

Thank you, James, hello, everyone.

I'd also like to acknowledge Alex Greenwich, Member for Sydney.

As James has said, it's hard to believe that the Rainbow Crossing was removed 12 months ago. Council had installed it to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mardi Gras - and what more fitting place could it have gone than Taylor Square.

When the NSW Government insisted it had to go, James was inspired to create his own chalked Rainbow Crossing in a back lane. And his stroke of inspiration in turn inspired others, around Sydney and around the world.

His Facebook page eventually had 26,000 fans and pictures starting coming in from France and Switzerland, New York and Singapore, the UK, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Here in Sydney, people joined up with their neighbours to create rainbows in their local suburbs and a real sense of community grew around their actions.

It celebrated not only the value of acceptance and inclusion it also celebrated importance of community, and I pay tribute to James for that.

There's a marvellous selection of images here from those spontaneous "do-it-yourself" Rainbow Crossings and they'll be here for the next six days to celebrate the anniversary.

And I ask you all to give generously to the fund-raiser so that a coffee table book can be made. It will record this terrific world-wide movement, and raise funds for an LGBTQI organisation - perhaps Twenty 10 or some other, equally deserving cause.

So thank you for giving us this reminder of a wonderful creative response, James. I hope the book is a big success.