Doggywood at Mardi Gras Fair Day

(12.30pm, Sunday 9 February 2014, Victoria Park)

Hello, everyone, welcome to Doggywood.

I'm delighted to see so many dogs and their owners here today for this great Fair Day tradition, and congratulations to the winners - and to all the entrants.

We're working to make Sydney a more dog-friendly place, with more off-leash areas in our parks so that our dogs can get a healthy run and play freely. We do ask you, though, to be considerate of other park users and if needs be, take advantage of the City's free dog-obedience courses!

Companion animals bring so much joy into people's lives; they provide an incentive to get out and enjoy all our beautiful City has to offer. And as any dog-lover will tell you, they provide a terrific way to make friends with a whole range of people in your neighbourhood or your local park.

So have a great Fair Day, everyone, and happy Mardi Gras!