Don't miss your say on Sydney's Metro Strategy

The NSW Government's draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney will set new targets for housing, schools, roads, public transport, jobs growth and other infrastructure in your area.

Now may be the only chance you get to have a say on the type of city you want. If you don't, you will lose the ability to help shape Sydney's future.

The draft Metropolitan Strategy talks about a 'Global Sydney' region covering 17 councils, from City of Sydney to north of the bridge, east to the sea and as far west as Ryde.

It doesn't take account of the unique character of the City of Sydney. We are a global city with huge social diversity and tens of billions of dollars of economic investment.

Joining the City with suburban councils and their very different economies and housing markets doesn't make sense.

This proposed 'Global Sydney' region would be overseen by a Sub-Regional Planning Board which would not be directly accountable to the public.

The Board would develop a plan to reach State Government growth targets and local councils would then have to develop plans to support the Metro Strategy and the Sub-Regional Plans.

Targets for Global Sydney's growth include an additional 136,000 residents, 82,000 homes and 135,000 jobs by 2021.

The City is already working to support huge growth in housing and jobs through considered urban redevelopment in areas like Green Square, Ashmore and Harold Park.

We are already a gateway for international tourists and an economic powerhouse - home to international finance and businesses which drives 7.5% of Australia's GDP and employs 395,000 people.

There is no need for a Sub-Regional Planning Board to oversee the City of Sydney because we already have the Central Sydney Planning Committee (CSPC) - a group made up of the City, NSW Government and independent experts which looks into the big planning decisions (those worth more than $50 million) facing our community.

The City already has a fully funded plan to create the kind of city you told us you want.

This draft Metro Strategy, and other changes the Government is considering, will put our plans in jeopardy.

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