Don't short change students with special needs

This week, I joined parents, aides and teachers to call on the NSW Government to provide funding for early individualised and practical help for students with special needs. As a former teacher, I know how classrooms work and the struggle to meet all students' needs.

The Commonwealth Government announced an extra $48 million in funding to NSW from 2014 in recognition of the high level of unmet need and the vital role of support for special needs education. Families and teachers fear that the State Government will use this as an excuse to cut its funding and support to public schools.

The NSW Government plans to expand the School Learning Support Program trialled in the Illawarra and South East Region across NSW which replaces experienced, hands-on staff with a video-trained behaviour specialist working across schools.

Students with a disability, learning difficulties or other extra needs should get early and intensive intervention from teachers not video specialists to improve educational outcomes and students' lives.

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