Draft Street Master Plan Proposed for Exhibition

On Monday the City's draft Street Tree Master Plan will be considered for public exhibition by Council's Environment and Heritage Committee. If endorsed at the full Council meeting, the draft plan will go on public exhibition for six weeks.

The new Street Tree Master Plan outlines how thousands of native and exotic trees will be planted over the next 20 years, boosting the City's tree canopy and improving the quality of open space by making streets more attractive and helping combat climate change.

The City's Tree Management Team has proposed a selection from 69 different tree species to suit the soil and landscape conditions of individual streets and to remain sympathetic to the existing trees and local character.

Species that are renowned for vigorous root systems which cause pavement uplift will be avoided as will trees with large of heavy seed pods, excessive leaf drop, or fleshy fruit and flowers which cause slip hazards.

The draft plan follows preliminary community consultation which began in 2010 and resulted in 85 public submissions. When the canopy matures it will help to reduce summer temperatures in the Sydney basin by up to two degrees Celsius.The Sydney LGA currently has 29,183 street trees and 12,000 park trees in the public domain.

Public submissions on the draft plan close on Friday 5 August 2011.


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