Dual Roles Submission

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I strongly support maintaining the longstanding right of an individual to be elected and serve concurrently as a local government Councillor and a Member of Parliament.

The State Government is proposing to ban a person elected to both State Parliament and Local Council from holding both positions.

Since the beginning of representative government in NSW, in 1856, voters have had the option to choose a single person to represent them in both State and Local Government.

This proposed change is an attempt to reduce peoples' voting options in NSW State and Local Government elections. Peoples' democratic rights should be defended and not manipulated by partisan party politics and limited only after constitutional change.

Any judgements about the one person's ability to successfully carry out both responsibilities should remain the preserve of voters and put in the context that a person undertaking the dual roles has to face an election approximately every two years. This constitutes a rigorous endorsement from the people.

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