E-Waste Collection this Weekend

It's great that people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of keeping e-waste out of landfill. Computer screens and TVs contain toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury and arsenic, which can leach out from landfills and into waterways.


Items we can collect.

So instead of simply throwing e-waste out with your regular trash, drop off old and broken power tools and any items with a power cord at the City of Sydney's free e-waste event this weekend at Bunnings Warehouse, Alexandria.

When: Saturday 6 June and Sunday 7 June, 9am-3pm
Where: Bunnings Warehouse Alexandria, 8-40 Euston Road, Alexandria

The City of Sydney's e-waste program began in 2008 and has diverted 350 tonnes electronic waste from landfill through community collection days.

At the City's e-waste collection day in February there were 541 drop-offs, with TVs, computers and monitors among the most popular items brought in for recycling. Around 15 tonnes of computers, computer products and other types of e-waste were collected.

As well as operating quarterly e-waste events, the City's range of new programs are making it even easier for residents to dispose of unwanted e-waste - including the introduction of battery, bulb and mobile phone recycling stations to community centres and libraries.

For information about items that can be dropped off go to: cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/live/waste-and-recycling/e-waste-and-chemicals/e-waste

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