Edmund Resch Reserve Information Session

(11.30am, Saturday 17 May 2014, Edmund Resch Reserve, Redfern)

Good morning, everyone. Thank you for your interest in coming here this morning.

We're keen to hear your thoughts on the changes proposed for the Reserve.

This is a welcome oasis in Redfern, used both by local residents and the wider community. People exercise their dogs here, meet their neighbours, and enjoy the green space, and it's important to keep it in good, usable condition.

It's also used as a pedestrian and cycle thoroughfare through to Moore Park.

Our tree management staff, however, are concerned about the condition of the eight weeping figs in the reserve and the potential dangers they pose.

The trees have structural problems which the staff can further explain to you, and it is not possible to selectively remove some of the trees since the roots have all grown together.

I'll ask our staff to talk to you about what they think should happen.

We're also planning other improvements in the park, including repairs to the pavement and edgings, planting of new shrubs in the garden beds, and paving the worn turf around the park entrances.

I'll now ask Karen Sweeney to tell you about the figs' problems in more detail and you can look at the information here and talk to our staff and please, give us your feedback.

Thank you.