Electric Vehicle Recharging Bay

(14 September, Parliament House Sydney)

Ms CLOVER MOORE: My question is directed to the Minister for Transport representing the Minister for Roads and Ports. Could the new Roads and Maritime Services urgently issue a technical direction allowing on-street parking bays to be reserved for the recharging of electric vehicles to support this emerging technology?

The SPEAKER: Order! The member for Toongabbie will come to order.

Ms GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN: I thank the member for Sydney for her question and I am pleased to respond on behalf of my colleague in the other place the Minister for Roads and Ports. I am pleased the member asked me about the issue of electric vehicles: It allows me to also direct some energy towards those opposite because their performance in government was not electrifying, but it was shocking. Judging by their lethargy and laziness, they have not yet recharged themselves after the election. They were booted out of power and now they have run out of power. They are as flat as an electric car without a charger. But I digress. I will come back to that at the conclusion of my answer.

The SPEAKER: Order! Opposition members will come to order.

Ms GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN: I apologise to the member for Sydney for digressing, but I could not resist. I am pleased to inform the House, particularly the member for Sydney, that the Roads and Traffic Authority, which will soon be Roads and Maritime Services, has agreed to form a working party with council representatives to consider the issue of on-street charging of electric vehicles with the aim of releasing technical guidelines for councils. I am pleased that we have done so. I assure the member for Sydney that the city of Sydney will be involved in this process. The Government looks forward to informing her on the progress of this matter.

I have to digress again because it may well be that in the future there is an opportunity to use electric cars, but it is a shame that the only thing that Opposition members are interested in is power for power's sake. In 16 years they forgot about governing for the good people of New South Wales and instead resorted to doing whatever they could to stay in power. As I said, they love power. They can generate leadership tensions no matter how few of them are in the Opposition. Several of them want the power of being the leader, but there is nothing green on that side of the House.

Ms Carmel Tebbutt: Point of order: The Minister is reading a scathing attack but the question is a serious one. The Minister should be drawn back to the question rather than reading out an attack on the Opposition.

The SPEAKER: Order! The Minister will return to the leave of the question. The point of order is upheld.

Ms GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN: I know that now and then there are a few bright sparks that come up. I will return to the question asked. The member for Sydney is keenly interested in protecting the environment in her electorate and beyond. We congratulate her for that. She is keen on sustainability, as we are on the Government side of the House. Regrettably there is nothing sustainable about the Opposition side of the House. They will say and do anything to score a cheap point without concern for the future. On the Government side of the House, we are concerned about the future, not only about the issues regarding sustainability raised by the member for Sydney. We have put our plans into action by building the North West Rail Link, the South West Rail Link, extending the inner west light rail, establishing Transport for NSW and franchising the ferries. Labor members squandered their power. They are in the dark when it comes to knowing what the community wants.

Mr Bryan Doyle: They're unplugged.

Ms GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN: Exactly. But Labor unplugged was not a pretty sight for the people of New South Wales and the electorates switched off in droves. Labor members lit the fuse that sparked their historic election loss. The sparks flew on 26 March: their negative energy met our positive energy and the community hit the trip switch. The community flicked the switch and put Labor on the opposition side of the House. The Government will keep delivering on its energy initiatives.

The SPEAKER: Order! The member for Maroubra and the member for Toongabbie will come to order. The member for Canterbury and the member for Macquarie Fields will come to order.