A City of Sydney delegation led by Lord Mayor Clover Moore participated in the sixth biennial C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City from 30 November to 2 December 2016.

C40 is one of the world’s leading climate change action groups, with a network of 86 member cities across the globe.

C40 Executive Director Mark Watts presented new research in his report ‘Deadline 2020’ that highlighted the desperate and urgent need for action on climate change and the sheer scale of the challenge. Incremental steps are no longer adequate – we need to do twice as much in half the time.

So we have taken a major step, adopting Environmental Action 2016-2021 – a plan to reach net zero emissions and 50 per cent renewable power by 2050.

The City will start a range of actions over the life of the plan, including:

  • initiate a net-zero emissions building challenge
  • invest $10 million to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy
  • facilitate large-scale water recycling project
  • develop sustainability plans for the commercial office, accommodation and entertainment sectors.

The City’s other sustainability achievements to date include:

  • replacing 6,604 street lights with more efficient LEDs, reducing energy use from street lighting by nearly 45 per cent and saving up to $800,000 in electricity bills and maintenance a year
  • installing solar photovoltaic panels and hot water systems on 40 City-owned buildings
  • ensuring a zero increase in emissions from the City’s fleet of vehicles since 2014
  • planting more than 11,000 new street trees since 2005 to absorb pollution and provide shade
  • harvesting and treating 590 million litres of stormwater through a water reuse system at Sydney Park.


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