Expanded Assistance for Business Greening

The City's newly expanded Smart Green Business program will help businesses with less than 200 staff to audit and better manage their energy, water and waste.

Launched on Monday 1 August, in partnership with Sydney Water and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, this innovative program will help small and medium sized businesses save money and improve their environmental performance.

Run as a pilot program in 2009/10, the 123 city businesses that participated saved an average 2.4 megalitres of water each and around $6400 annually.

The success of the trial, which focussed on water, encouraged the City to expand the program. By including energy and waste, City businesses will help us meet our targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent by 2030 and diverting 66 per cent of waste from landfill by 2014.

Working with individual organisations the program will enable each business to audit its own operations, explore alternative ways of doing things and deliver results for both the environment and their bottom line.


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