Federal Government looks into transport

The Federal Government has released a discussion paper, Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport, to explore ways all levels of government can support walking, cycling and public transport.

It is important that the Federal Government know the local community supports work to boost the number of people walking and riding bikes, and I encourage you to make a submission.

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The City of Sydney is working hard to create safe, pleasant and connected routes for walking and cycling. We have great streets and villages and walking and cycling for some trips means people can explore shops and cafes, meet their neighbours or discover new parks and playgrounds.

We are making our streets and laneways safer for walking as part of our Liveable Green Network and Pedestrian Calming plans. We have widened footpaths, planted trees and shrubs and installed ramps for easier access. Removing stairs and other barriers on major road crossings makes walking easier for people of all abilities.

We are also working to create a connected, safe bike network. Ten routes will connect popular destinations across the City and beyond.

We have already completed the Bridge-to Bridge route which connects the Inner West and North Sydney via the ANZAC and Harbour Bridge, as well as the Bourke route takes riders from Woolloomooloo to Redfern along the beautiful Bourke Street cycleway.

The next route to be built will connect the City Centre to Green Square along George Street in Redfern, Waterloo and into Zetland via a separated cycleway and shared paths.

Getting more people to walk and ride has benefits for the whole community. It can reduce overcrowding on public transport and congestion on our roads. It improves peoples' health, social connections and our air quality.

If you want to support our ongoing work, please make a submission. You must submit your response electronically at www.infrastructure.gov.au/activetransport by Thursday, 31 January 2013.

You can see the draft report and make a submission by visiting infrastructure.gov.au/infrastructure/mcu/urbanpolicy/activetravel.aspx

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