Fighting for our social housing tenants

Earlier today, lawyers from Redfern Legal Centre applied for an injunction to stop the Land and Housing Corporation evicting a social housing tenant from her home of 40 years. Read more about the challenge here.

I'm so proud the City provides funding to RLC to carry out this important work – to provide advocacy and legal support to the public housing tenants affected by the NSW Government’s shocking decision to sell off housing in Millers Point and relocate the tenants.

For 189 years Millers Point has been a living example of a close, socially mixed community, and in 2003, was listed on the State Heritage Register as “a living cultural landscape”. Many residents have connections that go back generations – this connection and this community are important for our city.

I congratulate the RLC on their vital work and am hopeful their challenge is successful – Sally should be able to remain with her community, where she belongs. I'm sure you'll join me in wishing the RLC and Sally all the best.

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