Find out where and how to vote

On election day you must vote in the local government area where you are enrolled or do an early vote (postal or pre-poll). Unlike State of Federal elections, you cannot vote outside your local area.

Polling places are open 8am to 6pm on election day. Not sure where you are enroled? Click here to check your enrollment.

Can't make it to a polling booth on election day? Click here to apply online for a postal vote, or click here for a postal vote application form you can post, fax or email to the Electoral Commission.

Postal vote applications close 5pm Monday 3 September. Please allow 5 working days for your postal vote to arrive. Completed postal votes must be received by the Returning officer by 6pm Monday 10 September.

Pre-polling will be available in the CBD, Glebe and Redfern. Pre-poll voting opens on Monday 27 August and closes at 6pm on Friday 7 September. Pre-poll places will be open late on Thursday and will have limited hours on Saturday.

Don't know where to find a polling booth in your area? Click here for a map of polling places in the City of Sydney. Click here for a list of polling places in the City of Sydney.

The map and list show which polling places are wheelchair accessible.

Want more information on elections for the City of Sydney? Read the City of Sydney page at the Electoral Commission NSW.

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