First New High Street in a Century

Yesterday the Minister for Planning Rob Stokes and I walked the City's first new high street in over a century.

Ebsworth Street is now ready for the cafes and homes being built in the heart of the Green Square Town Centre.

Footpaths are finished; stone kerbs installed; bronze smart poles with LED lights are upright; asphalt road surface is down.

It will be furnished with a coordinated suite of street furniture.

The street will feature garden beds and large deciduous street trees that form part of the on-site treatment and reuse of storm water.


Inspecting the Green Square trunk drain with the Minister.

Development in Green Square is racing, with 50 apartments completed every week. There will be more than 53,000 people living here by 2030. Given that rapid pace of development, it is critical that appropriate infrastructure is in place for new communities moving in and those who are already living and working there.

Interestingly, before works starts on the new shops and apartments, Ebsworth Street will disappear. Within weeks, large sections will be buried under huge sheets of industrial fabric, covered in sand and topped with a thick layer of concrete.

Encasing the street in this protective cocoon will allow huge trucks and machinery building the apartments to move around freely without damaging the footpaths, roadways and the services beneath them.

Once the first buildings are ready next year, the concrete will be peeled off. As well as the footpaths and roadway, all the infrastructure - including gas, electricity, water and recycled water, NBN cabling and drainage - will already be in ready for use.

This unusual technique of building then burying a street will ensure residents of the new town centre won't have to wait months while major public works are carried out.

Ebsworth Street is named after Octavius Ebsworth, a major 19th century woolbroker from this area, so it's fitting that Ebsworth Street will be the main shopping street in the Green Square Town Centre.

Ebsworth was a canny businessman and his tweed factory was reputedly the largest in Australia in the 1860s.

Green Square will be a high density urban village with a thriving town centre and sense of community. The community will be able to walk or cycle to the important new community facilities we're building, including: a library; playing fields; parks; and aquatic centre.

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