Fitzroy Gardens and Lawrence Hargrave Reserve

On Monday, Council unanimously agreed to a package of heritage and maintenance works to preserve Fitzroy Gardens and Lawrence Hargrave Reserve as iconic landmarks in the heart of Kings Cross.

The City had released a draft concept plan last year to connect and transform the parks and held extensive community consultation sessions to find out what people wanted.

While support for the park's makeover was strong a year or two ago - it's clear that support waned.

The most recent feedback shows the local community is divided on what should happen. Half do not want any change, while the other half support either minimal changes, some changes or all changes proposed in the draft plan.

I'm a passionate believer in listening and working with local communities to get the best outcomes for an area. We engaged award winning designers but beautiful designs also need to work for the local community.

I believe the best way forward is to only undertake vital heritage and maintenance works and they will start later this year.


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