Food trucks roll on

Food trucks will become a permanent fixture on Sydney's streets after the City's Transport, Heritage and Planning sub-committee endorsed a report about making the City's year-long food truck trial permanent.

The report also included new fees for mobile food vendors and a plan to increase the number of trucks.

The idea for food trucks came from the community as part of our consultation for the development of our late night economic policy - OPEN Sydney.

In May 2012, the City began a trial of the food trucks, and they have proved to be a huge success.

Residents told us the trucks made the city feel safer and more welcoming at night. 98 per cent of people surveyed supported the food truck project, 92 per cent felt food trucks made a place feel more inviting and 72 per cent said they felt safer in areas that included food trucks.

The most common sentiment among the 400 people surveyed was that there should be more food trucks on Sydney streets.

The award-winning fleet of food trucks helps us to generate new activity in the city, especially at night. It gives people a high-quality dining option and encourages them to spend more time in our city, activating some under-used spaces.

As part of the trial the City created a website - - and phone app to provide real-time information on the trucks' locations and menus.The app has been downloaded more than 51,000 times, and receives an average 650 visits each day.

For more information about food trucks, how to get involved or how to apply, go to:

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