Free Bike Parking at Goulburn Street Parking Station

From Tuesday, the Goulburn Street Parking Station will have free secure bike parking.

Swipe cards providing permanent access, 24 hours a day, to 28 securely caged spaces on the ground level are available on payment of a $20 deposit.

Casual users can visit Daniel Cresswell on site and get a temporary pin number (valid for 24 hours) any time they need secure parking - for example, when seeing a show at the Capital Theatre, having noodles in Chinatown or going to the cinema.

We have installed more than 100 new bike parking locations this year and we are continuously installing more. You can suggest locations on the City's website, click HERE.

Bike parking is now available next to one fifth of the City's car share spaces. The City is currently investigating opportunities for installing bike parking next to car share spaces.



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