Free range food trucks

The City Of Sydney's new website - - and free app for smartphones, means you can now find out where our terrific Food Trucks are when you need them.

This week, Council also agreed to ask the community what they think about a proposal to extend the number of locations the food trucks can use to sell their delicious food.

Most of the food trucks involved in our trial have already hit the streets. You may have seen the trucks at one of the designated off-street locations like Customs House forecourt or at concerts, festivals and events around town.

In the app and on the website, each truck appears as an icon on a map of city streets as either 'serving' or 'sleeping'. You can zoom in to the exact location, read the truck's menu and price list, their Twitter feed and other information.

We've had an overwhelming positive response to our food truck trial. So far thousands of people have downloaded the app - and it's only been available for a few days.

We want to make it easier for people to experience what food trucks are offering and support truck operators - so we plan to allow food trucks to operate on streets across the City, provided they are not within 50 metres of another take-away food outlet and they obey all parking restrictions.

Trucks will be limited to four hours at any one spot to make sure they circulate across the city, and they won't be able to operate on main roads where they could cause traffic problems.

These changes will make our food trucks trial even better. Along with the new website and app, and more trucks hitting the streets over the next few weeks - I hope you'll be able to try Sydney's latest food sensations.




(Image: getting a burrito from Catina Mobil - one of the first food trucks to hit the streets)

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