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free tree

Greening our city has been central to my life in politics. When I was elected to South Sydney Council in 1980, I used to travel around with the head of parks showing him where he should plant trees.

Since 2005, we've planted more than 12,000 trees – on top of around 44,000 trees on our streets, parks and City properties – and we're planning for many more. To reach our target to increase the urban tree canopy 50% by 2030 in our constrained inner city, we have to think creatively about where those trees are being planted - and that's why we started out free tree giveaways. 

Trees are the lungs of our city, improving air quality, providing cooling shade in summer months and simply making our streets more beautiful, and I can't wait to see the wonderful impact our newest trees have on our city - please keep in touch!