Funding to keep our parks public

When Sydney was a small outpost at the end of the world, a visionary Governor Lachlan Macquarie had the foresight to set aside public land "for the benefit of present and succeeding inhabitants of Sydney".

Today these lands have grown to become the Royal Botanic Gardens and Centennial & Moore Park.


If it was a good idea when Sydney was just 30 years old, it's even more important now when millions of people call Sydney home and millions more visit each year.

Public parkland will become even more significant as Sydney's population grows and fewer people have their own backyard. In the City of Sydney currently three out of four people live in apartments.

Sydney's best parks are owned by us all, and they are free to use. They are the stunning harbour foreshores and sweeping green lawns. They are our parks, but our ownership is slipping away.

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